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Revolution Cycle Classes

Join The Revolution

Revolution is the spin we have put on cycle classes at 4Fitness, because it is not just another indoor cycle class.

4Fitness is built on offering a personalized fitness experience for all clients.  Keeping with our core value, Revolution cycle classes are limited to a maximum of 6 participants and are geared for all skill levels. The intimate class size will allow for proper set up of every bike for it’s rider and instruction on how to get the most benefit from the session. The instructor has an unobstructed view of all participates ensuring that everyone is riding properly and safely.

Revolution classes are 50 minutes in duration and beginners are welcome.  The small class size makes it a fun and interactive experience typically burning 500 to 800 calories per class.  Revolution is a great low-impact exercise that delivers both aerobic conditioning and strength building.

Cycle classes

Bikes are set up in a slightly bent line. It doesn’t matter where your bike is, your view is unobstructed.

Revolution Express is 30 minutes of cycling fun for beginners and those short on time.  The express class is a great way to take Revolution out for a spin, build your endurance for a longer class, or just squeeze a little extra exercise in.

Benefits of the 4Fitness Revolution Cycle Classes

  • Low impact
  • Adjustable intensity levels
  • Build muscle (in both the lower & upper body)
  • Burn calories (avg 500 calories in class)
  • Increased heart & lung capacity
  • Increased energy
  • Increased stamina
  • Feel happier (due to endorphin release)

Revolution is offered in regularly occurring scheduled classes, pop up classes, special events and are listed on our events page.  Class sizes are limited, please register in advance to reserve your bike.

Revolution Class Schedule & Events

We also offer private classes for you, your friends, or even your work team.  Have a bridal party that wants to be in tip-top shape for the upcoming wedding?  Going on a cruise with friends or family?  Private Revolution classes can be a one time special event or on a weekly basis.  Email or text 727-674-5081 to schedule your private Revolution class.