Tracie will guide and support you through a comfortable, individual process in developing the skills you need to succeed in making positive lifestyle changes.

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Traditional jobs were never a part of my plan.  When I was 19, I got tired of spinning my wheels aimlessly and I enlisted in the Air Force.  After a tour of duty that took me to assignments in the US and Europe, I returned home and joined my uncle’s house painting business.

Now if you are in Florida, house painting may not seem like a hard job…but this was New York.   I was painting multi-story homes and commercial properties in the sweltering northeastern summers and freezing winters.  The work involved climbing ladders, feats of balance, and carrying heavy drums of paint.  To get stronger, I joined a local gym and started working with a personal trainer.

After a few months at the gym, I started to differentiate a good personal trainer from a not so good one.  Interested, I took courses in anatomy, physiology, body mechanics, and got certified as a Personal Trainer.

I began to learn the business and soon quit the house painting to be a full-time Personal Fitness Trainer.  My clients loved that I wasn’t your typical “skinny girl.”  Not that there is anything wrong with skinny – it just wasn’t me. I was strong, I had curves, and my clients could identify with that.  For fun, I would participate in Century Biking events where you ride your bike, as fast as you can, for 100 miles. Fitness became my passion and I still love learning about body mechanics, nutrition, and the latest in fitness knowledge.

Today, over 16 years later, I am the owner and principal Personal Trainer at my own studio.  4Fitness is a holistic personal training facility that emphasizes “joint friendly” exercise and workout programs designed for progress – no matter where you are starting. I believe in providing a private space for individuals to achieve their unique fitness goals.  You are safe at 4Fitness.

4Fitness is located at 1433. 4th St. South, St. Petersburg Florida.  Contact me at 727-674-5081 or to set-up a no charge in-studio consultation.  All consultations are private.